This is the book I am writing. It will tell you all about how I use Pathfinding myself, and how you might want to use it, for yourself, and to help others.

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A weekly half hour podcast with Frank van den Horst, Rick Gabrielly and me.

Whatever the specific theme of an episode: Affirmations, Bad Habits, Creative Visualization, I will be speaking to you from my perspective of Mindful Pathfinding.

But in addition to that, you are going to get the advantage of hearing from Rick and Frank’s unique perspectives.

Frank is an extremely effective Dutch Change Facilitator, founder of Frankwise. Rick is a visonary marketer, master networker and author of The Currency of Connection.

So grab a coffee and tune in the podcast. We may be just three regular guys, but we will serve you up some powerful insights and mental hacks.

Thirty minutes of fun and learning!


My 2012 memoir Benevolent Synchronicity the Psychic Self the Meaning and Purpose of Psychic Ability.

My 2015 book about the extraordinary documented powers of the non-conscious mind STOP!.


How can you help recconnect your brain with your Pathfinder’s guidance so that you turn down the stress and turn up the fulfillment in your relationships, health, finances, work, and passions?

Join in The Pathfinder’s Conversation.

I don’t want to offer you a one-size-fits-all technique that bores your to tears or frustrates the heck out of you.

I don’t want to chain you to the present moment.

I do want to show you how Mindful Pathfinding can enhance everything you do and experience. And specifically, I want to do this to help, you, the ‘peer coaches,’  Life’s little Helpers, because I am convinced that doing so will let me do the most good for the most people.

There’s a lot of things I love about Mindful Pathfinding. One is that you can customize it to suit you, because, after all, your life is different than mine.

Another thing I love is that Pathfinding doesn’t replace any self improvement mode you use or teach, like EFT, the Law of Attraction, Tai Chi. It enhances it.

If you really want to help people and yourself at the same time, come join me in The Pathfinder’s Conversation.

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