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“Connect with your Flow, maximize fulfillment.”

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Are you a Helper?

Do you believe that everybody deserves to be living a fairly happy, fulfilled, and successful life?

Do you find that you are always there for others, helping as best you can, even when your own life is a hot mess?

Do you find that you often put the needs of others before your own?

Well then, I want to help you!

I want to help all the Helpers like you.

Because you deserve to be fairly happy, fulfilled, and succesful too!

And I want to help you level up your life so that you have those things.

I’ve thought a lot about how best I can do that.

I don’t really know you, and I don't know your personal situation.

But while nobody really knows what your personal best path forward is, you do...at a deeper, non-conscious level.

So I developed a radically new iteration of mindfulness (no meditation required) to help you access the inner resources of that level.

Here’s what I created:


I’ve been active and researching human potential for over forty years and this is my distillation of that journey.

You already have, at a deeper level, all the inner resources you need to maximize fulfillment in your relationships, health, finances, work and passions.

No matter what’s happening in your life; no matter what the situation or challenge, at that deeper level of yourself, your “Pathfinder,” like a personal GPS, provides your brain with the guidance it needs to get you your most fulfilling outcome.

The flow of guidance from this deeper level  streams 24/7 to your brain.  

Unfortunately, your brain acquired a vast and complex network of beliefs through which that flow of guidance is filtered.

Where those beliefs are fear-based and limited, you will find that the flow of your daily life gets disrupted.

In Mindful Pathfinding, I act as the mindfulness coach for my brain, to help reconnect it to the flow of guidance from my Pathfinder.

Mindful Pathfinding is not a replacement for any other self-help modality (yoga, reiki, ACT, Tapping).

You can keep doing what you love. Pathfinding can enhance it for you.

Could this be an effective tool for you?

Here’s how you can find out:

I’ve outlined the process I use at HOW I DO IT.” Try it out for yourself.

If you think it’s really interesting and want to get more coaching on it, join in THE PATHFINDER’S CONVERSATION.


This is my private online Facebook group where you can come to learn more about using Mindful Pathfinding in your daily life.

I don’t teach a one-day workshop, or run a six week course.

You learn about using Mindful Pathfinding by joining in (or just listening to, depending upon your level of comfort) the ongoing conversation with others (including myself) who are actually using this.

This is important because you are unique and you need to tweak the process to suit you and your unique situations.

Want to try it out? Join me in The Pathfinder’s Conversation

Only $8/month - no contract.

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My name is

Peter M Fellows

I created Mindful Pathfinding

I want to help the Helpers


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