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The Pathfinder’s Question (TPQ)

This is a new American mindfulness application.

It is mindfulness that doesn’t require meditation, or self discipline. You just coach your brain to do the practice, not yourself.

It is mindfulness that will address the things in your life that matter most to you, right now, today.

It is mindfulness that reconnects your conditioned brain to the better-informed guidance of your non-conscious mind, to provide it with your most fulfilling path forward for any situation, project, or concern.

If you want, I will teach you how to use it in your life.

There is only one place I teach this:


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Are you still struggling with stress and wrestling with worry despite all you have accomplished in your life, and all the self-help work you’ve done?

Stop hating on yourself!

Stop trying to change yourself!

You are not the problem!

Come meet the true source of the problem -

your long-suffering, conditioned brain.

Your brain’s primary function is to protect and sustain You - your sense of Yourself, your sense of your value.

But over the course of your lifetime your brain has become burdened and bogged down with many limiting biases and fears which make it overreact to imagined threats.

And because of that, it’s not always able to help you fully express the person you really are, achieve all those outcomes which would bring you fulfillment, or let you enjoy your life more fully.

It’s nobody’s fault.

It’s just the way your brain happened to get wired.

And when your conditioned brain is stressing out about something, it releases chemicals throughout the body, and that is what you feel that tells you your brain is stressed.

Your brain is hurting, and you are suffering the collateral damage!

Fortunately, you can help your brain.

The Pathfinder’s Question (TPQ) is a simple protocol that reminds your conditioned brain how it can connect to the guidance it needs to level up any experience it is having.

TPQ is not meant to replace any self-help practice you follow, or any spiritual path you’re on now.

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a unique situation.

TPQ can help you find what will work best for you, and enhance those practices that already work for you: yoga, meditation, reiki, psychotherapy, EFT...  

Over time, practicing TPQ will organically restore your brain’s self efficacy, turning down the stress you feel, and turning up your sense of fulfillment.


How asking one question

can level up your life!