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(New Edition)

The actual techniques Jeanne teaches in her live workshops that allow anyone to discover the amazing psychic abiliities of their deeper, non-conscious Psychic Self.

(Completely updated from 2000 edition.)

Available Amazon.com in paper back.

Hard at work making “The Pathfinder’s Question” the clearest communication possible of this most powerful new mindfulness application. All for you.

Working on getting it published in late winter.

Coming Soon!

Historical Research

Mamaroneck NY

1661 - On a large flat rock at the mouth of the river called by the Indians ‘Mamaroneck,’ John Richbell, Merchant Trader purchased three necks of land from the Weckquaesgeek sachems Wappaquewam and Mahatahan.

This passion project is the most indepth and up to date look at that time in Mamaroneck’s history, with new evidence based reinterpretations of previous historical views, and startling new revelations about the people who founded this town.

Projected publishing on Amazon.com in paper back late 2022. Check out Mamaroneck History on Facebook.

Already Published

Thirty plus years of personal exploration and adventures in consciousness convinced me that each of has psychic ability.  

But there is no denying that we do not seem able to  develop reliable conscious control over this ability to handle the everyday challenges of daily life.

So what is the point of psychic ability?This book chronicles my adventures and the answer I found for the true purpose and meaning of psychic ability.

Road Trip 2022 Fishkill, NY