As solopreneurs, we are always looking for ways to improve our productivity, to do better, give more, make progress.

“A community is where people can master something important to them, together, because it brings the ability to navigate rapid change, create new practices and habits, that ultimately lead to results and transformation that we simply cannot get on our own.”

What’s your story? How do the unique demands of your life and business as a solopreneur affect you? How do you try to deal with that?

If you are willing to talk with me, and let me share your story with our community, please contact me. Your experience, shared, may offer others insight and inspiration that they can then apply to their own life.

Thank you.

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Self-care Pit Stop for Solopreneurs

to Refuel and Retool!

Life is like a road trip, but you aren’t the driver.

And when we encounter road work, pot holes, road blocks, or detours in our daily life, our automated driving system (“Otto”) can get stressed out, disconnect from our GPS (“Pathfinder”) and that makes it hard to keep going.

This is especially true for solopreneurs. The nature of our business can leave us isolated, and because we are giving it our all, we often don’t have anything left for ourselves.

That’s why my fellow solopreneurs, Rick Gabrielly, Frank Van den Horst, and I created our online community, THE ROAD AHEAD CAFE.

Our conditioned brain is the ADS (automated driving system) and our deeper non-conscious mind is the navigation system (GPS).

The Road Ahead Cafe (TRAC) is a Self care pit stop where we refuel and retool.

An online community of solopreneurs supporting each other and sharing our best practices for handling stress and leveling up fulfillment in our daily lives.