Hey, I’m Peter M Fellows. Can I ask you something?

What would living your Best Possible Life look like if you could always count on receiving all the guidance and resources you needed?

And why is living that life so important to you?

Well, I want to tell you that the only thing between you and living that life is the way your brain happened to get wired as you were growing up, and

If you apply mindfulness in the right way,

you can change all that!

You say mindfulness doesn’t work for you? Maybe, but more likely you were just given the wrong strategy!

Let me show you how you can develop and use mindfulness to live your Best Possible Life.

For no charge.

Take me up on my B-Sync Mindfulness 30 Day Challenge and watch how much the quality of your daily life can change!

I’m here to help you:

coach your brain, help others, empower everyone, and live your Best Possible Life!


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“Finding Your Best Path Forward”

(the latest version of my pdf handbook on the B-Sync Mindfulness Process)

30 days online coaching

at Facebook.com/BsyncNation including

When you register for the 30 Day Challenge you’ll get:

“Coaching your Pilot to sync with your Pathfinder”

(the latest version of my ten minute guided B-Sync Mindfulness Coaching mp4)

Hey, there is no charge*

for this 30 day Challenge,

but you have to take the

First Step!

*So how is it funded? B-Sync Nation, the online coaching community is powered by people like you who want to continue to work with and support the project beyond the 30 days. They go to patreon.com/BsyncNation and pledge $8 monthly. But don’t worry - you make the choice to continue. It’s not automatic.  

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Will you take on

my 30 day B-Sync Mindfulness Challenge to see if B-Sync Mindfulness can help you begin living your Best Possible Life?


What’s between you

and living your Best Possible Life?

“Just the way your brain happened to get wired!”

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