“Three ordinary guys, one extraordinary mission.”


EP 05


Creative Visualization

Explore this breakthrough process from Shakti Gawain in her book CREATIVE VISUALIZATION.

But how can this help you right now? How can it help us level up our daily life? 

Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes in under 30 minutes on using this magical process to make your best reality.

EP 06


When life knocks you for a loop!

How do the hosts cope when personally hit hard by the World?

Does the ‘good advice’ they offer here each week help them at all? 

Rick, Frank & Peter come clean about three recent real-world personal hardships and how they dealt with them. Three unique stories in under 30 minutes.

EP 07


“How do I begin meditating?”

Everyone says you should do it, but how do you begin? 

Is meditation a tool to help you get somewhere, or a Way of Living?

Peter suggests that how you begin depends where you want to go. And since you may not know, consciously, what you want from meditation, he shares how he gets inner guidance using Mindful Pathfinding.

Frank focuses on the daily practices like dishwashing as a method to calm the mind and what to do if someone cuts in line while driving for example. How do you stay balanced and calm?

Rick tells how he began by using guided meditation, but now simply practices gratitude every chance he gets, in everything he does. In this way his dayhe had made his way of life a form of meditation.

Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes in under 30 minutes on how to begin meditating.

EP 08


The Magic of Flow!

And then there are those wonderful times when everything seems to flow for you and everything you do, you do without strain...time passes by unnoticed.

Where does this state come from?

Can we enter this state at will? 

Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes in under 30 minutes, all about the magic of Flow.

EP 09


“Change your thoughts, change your life!”

Are your thoughts holding you down?

Are they sabotaging your goals?

Can you change your life just by changing your thoughts?

And if do you do that?

Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes on changing your thoughts to change your life, all in under 30 minutes.

EP 10


The Four Agreements

“Freedom, true happiness, and life.”

Hidden for a thousand years, don Miguel Ruiz, an Eagle Knight of the ancient Toltec wisdom, now reveals in his book, how honoring the Four Agreements can give you these. 

Rick, Frank & Peter serve up three unique takes on this book in under 30 minutes.

EP 11


Visions, Fever, & Integrity

How did Frank’s use of ‘non-resistance’ help him ground himself after an overwhelming, dramatic past-life vision he had while in Nepal?

How did Peter’s use of Pathfinding help his freaked-out, feverish brain find its way back to Flow?

How did Rick’s use of Integrity-based choices help him more closely connect with others?

Fresh off the grill...3 servings of wisdom from 3 ordinary guys with 3 extraordinary experiences...all in under 30 minutes.

EP 12


“How do I get rid of my fears?”

You don’t have any fears according to Peter.

It is the inner voice of your brain that has fears.

But how can you help him (or her) overcome those fears? 

 Fears can be your friends, claims Frank.

But when fear has you in its clutches, how do you turn it into a friend? 

 Your fears were programmed into you when you were very young, explains Rick.

How can you release your fear-based programing? 

The answers to those questions are all found in this dynamic episode.

Three servings of practical wisdom from three pragmatic guys...all in under thirty minutes.

EP 13


The Power of Energy Healing

Is this for real? How does it work? What can it do?

EP 14


“Everyone always does their best”

How is understanding this is a key to forgiveness of others and of yourself?

How can we discover all our inner resources so we can access them?

What if we just make a commitment to always do the best we can?

With three very different perspectives on this quotation, from three very different guys, in under 30 minutes, you're bound to find something useful.

EP 15


(1) The Inner Game of Tennis - Peter, Frank

(2) The Autobiography of a Yogi - Rick

Your performance in life equals your potential minus your brain’s interference. Peter and Frank share with you how learning this Inner Game can make all the difference in your life.

Rick shares how AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI started his spiritual journey from materialistic uber salesman to American Wellness Entrepreneur

Three original thinkers, three unique perspectives, all in less than 30 minutes.

EP 16


Our Podcast Journey

Thinking of beginning your own podcast?

Wondering how we started ours?

Frank, Rick and Peter hold a freewheeling three-way conversation on how they started up this podcast.

What divine events led up to the creation of THE ROAD AHEAD CAFE, and why is it even called that? 

How did practical tools collide with the spiritual journey to birth a runaway hit broadcast?

Come get the inside scoop and get 5 star tips from three regular guys...all in under 30 minutes.

EP 17


“How can I find my purpose in life?”

You have no purpose, according to Peter. The justification for existence is being.

Look to your talents, advises Frank. You are the purpose. 

Look for your sweetspot, suggests Rick. Notice how your mind works, how you can be a part of something bigger than yourself, and do what you love.

Three wafers of wisdom from three coffee house gurus...all in under 30 minutes.

EP 18


The Hidden Power of Gratitude

Revealed: How gratitude can level up your life!

Gratitude, Peter says, is not only a natural antidpressant, but it can also enhance your romance, and even help you reach your goals.

In this episode Frank will lead you in a mini-meditation. Frank always says, “What you thank about you bring about!” 

Rick reveals how to use gratitude to connect with others and talks about the physical affects it can have on your body.

Always a pearl in every podcast. Three servings of wisdom from three regular guys in under thirty minutes.

EP 19


“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.”

I disagree! Peter says.

(What else is new?) It is not what you carry in your heart. You see in the world what you carry in your head. Your brain’s Worldview colors your experience.

And yet it can be true, says Frank.

You carry wonderful things in your heart: love, gratitude, and more. Frank will show you the ways to discover the positive qualities you carry so you can let them manifest in the world.

Science, claims Rick, shows us that your heart is always speaking to others. So let it speak love. And you don’t need to worry about your thinking, just let your heart be.

Want to hear more!

Of course you do!

Three marvellous monologues from the master, the meester, and the maestro of madness...all in under 30 minutes.

EP 20


(1) Loving What Is - Peter

(2) One Small Step Can Change Your Life - Frank

(3) Joy’s Way - Rick

Three book choices - three powerful paths.

Peter shares the four questions that can change your life doing The Work from Byron Katie.

Frank reveals The Kaizen Way to circumvent the brain’s built-in resistance to new behavior.

And Rick gives us Dr. Joy Brugh’s introduction to the transformational potentials for healing with body energies.

“Forget your therapy appointment. Cancel your consultant. Dump your healing circle.

“Everything you need in life is served up right here, in this episode, by these three guys, in these three books!”

...said no one, ever

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“Three ordinary guys,

One extraordinary mission.”