The purpose of practicing B-Sync Mindfulness is to help you achieve your most value fulfilling outcomes for any situation, need, or goal.

You do this by rewiring the neural pathways of your brain so that your inner resources can flow more freely to all levels of your mind and body..

Why? Because your nonconscious mind (which we refer to in Hero’s Journey as your deeper self) is better informed about what’s going on and what your best path forward is.

Research suggests that at this deeper level of mind, you handle over 11 million bits of data a second, of which your conscious mind can only process about 40 bits (WILSON 2004).  

It seems that the primary purpose of your deeper, nonconscious self is to find you the most value fulfilling path forward in any situation, for any need or goal.

A big part of that is monitoring existing and developing conditions in the world around you, to sync your actions so that they both minimize conflict with others and maximize mutual benefit.

I suspect that this is an innate drive in all life and forms the irreducible ground requirement for existence.

Profound, right? I call this B-Sync:

Benevolent Synchronicity.

And when you are aware of it, not getting in the way, it seems like the World, while working from its own agenda, is arranging itself so that it also works for you.

Cool, right?

Your deeper self communicates the information and direction you need for any situation or goal to all other levels of your mind and body.

Here’s the thing though...

It communicates through the medium of your brain.

Now your brain is designed, among other things, to make it really easy for you to engage the world.

It has taken the stories you’ve acquired over your life about how everything works, and it uses those to focus your perception. (FELLOWS 2015)

Your brain organizes and automates your approach to life by creating neural pathways that automatically focus your thoughts and actions based upon those learned stories.

This is quite useful because by generalizing and putting things in categories, you can more quickly respond to situations and learn new stuff.

Mostly this works fine, I mean, you’re alive, and you’re relatively happy and healthy.

But because a significant number of the stories your brain uses are in fact, limiting cultural, cognitive, and personal biases, you don’t get full access to the inner resources and guidance your deeper self is providing for you.

So you are facing the everyday challenges of your life, big and small, handicapped. You are trying to reach your goals with one hand tied behind your back.

The idea of practicing B-Sync Mindfulness is to rewire your brain to begin responding to situations by automatically opening up channels of communication from your deeper self to all other levels of mind and body.

As you do this you will notice the difference in the quality of your performance, health, happiness, and experience in your daily life.

The Hero’s Journey Approach

It is easier to debias your brain when you are able to

(a) notice the thoughts you are having,

(b) attribute them to your brain,

(c) engage with your brain as if you were its compassionate, patient mentor.

Now here’s where it gets a little weird...

You know how sometimes you give yourself a pep talk, or you scold yourself for screwing up?

Well, in Hero’s Journey, you (your conscious self), will refer to and address your brain as if it were a separate person.

The avatar I find most effective to represent your brain is the character Dobby, a house elf in the Harry Potter film. The similarities work well for this process. (FELLOWS: WP#045)

It employs the research findings on how most effectively to interact with your thoughts.  

(MOSER 2016) (BREWIN 2016) (ATASOY 2013)

But the bottomline is: it works.

I invite you to roadtest Hero’s Journey for yourself. That’s why the guided meditation is free.

Of course the best results come from working with others on the same path. So, if you find this approach intriguing, take the next step and join Hero's Journey: you get the coaching and the mastermind effect of engaging with a like-minded community, all for $8 a month.