Researching, exploring, practicing, writing, and teaching in the Human Potential field since 1976.

I live with my wife, Jeanne, in Mamaroneck, New York (a small village in Westchester County on the Long Island Sound, about forty minutes from Manhattan).

Managed a small family business in the community for 25 years.

We have two daughters. One is a School Psychologist married to a Teacher. One just returned from Cambodia with the Peace Corps doing Health and Community Development work with an NGO in Washington, DC.

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Your conscious mind can perceive and process about 40 bits of data a second about what’s going on.

But your nonconscious mind perceives and processes over 11 million bits of data a second about what’s going on inside you and outside you. [WILSON]

And at this level you are constantly monitoring external conditions to figure out your best path forward.

So your deeper Self acts as your Personal Internal Guidance System.

Here’s the thing though...

This level of your Self communicates that guidance through the medium of your brain. Your brain controls the flow of that information. [ZUCKERMAN]

Mostly, in life, this works. I mean, you’ve made it this far, right?

But whenever your brain thinks something bad might happen, it reacts physically by closing down neural communication channels for your protection, in order to conserve energy for flight, or to fight.

In Hero’s Journey, we refer to your brain as the Gatekeeper (or “Keeper” for short).

The problem is: most of those “threats” are not real. They’re just imagined threats based upon the fears you acquired growing up. But the brain doesn’t distinguish between a real and present danger, and one that’s just imagined. [PEARSON]

One study found that up to 85% of what your brain fears will happen, never happens. [LEAHY]

So you are going through your day, trying to handle challenges, reach goals, and live the life you really want, and your brain is is closing down the gateway to the very nonconscious guidance that you need!

Because, like an overprotective parent, it thinks it’s for your own good!




The purpose of practicing B-Sync Mindfulness is to rewire your brain so it doesn’t interfere as much.

So that instead of Keeper blocking the inner guidance from your better informed deeper Self, it syncs you with it.

And we do this in the meditation by using Internal Dialogue (self talk) [NEFF]  in “third person” [MOSER]  with an Avatar (imaginary figure) we call Keeper, to represent your brain. [KOSSLYN]

You measure the results you get in the real world, which strengthens the neural connections making the change permanent [MERZENICH]  and which keeps me, as your coach, accountable.

And you get the coaching, support, and inspiration you absolutely need [HEATHERTON]  from the community coaching at the members only Facebook page, Hero’s Journey Online.

That’s how it works!

Benevolent Synchronicity (B-Sync):

All Life seeks Value-fulfillment for itself. And all Life, at a deeper level, is naturally predisposed towards cooperation. Because only through cooperation is there generated the maximum opportunity for Value-fulfillment. This is why, at the level of your Nonconscious mind, you seek outcomes which minimize the potential for conflict with others and maximize the potential for mutual benefit.





B-Sync Mindfulness