Don’t I look all noble and visionary in this photo! I was unveiling a historical site in my hometown of Mamaroneck, NY.

I chose it because it reflects how passionate I am about my vision for The Pathfinding Project.

You know there are millions of people who are anxious and stressed out, or who feel unhappy, unfulfilled, unsuccessful.

And while mindfulness meditation is very effective in reducing stress, and it can be pretty good for happiness, but it doesn’t really help with fulfillment or success.

Many love it, but many, many others find it difficult to do: frustrating, boring, and disconnected from their daily life.

All of which led me to think,

“Can’t we come up with an easier, more engaging way of using mindfulness that anyone can use to deal with the challenges we meet in our daily lives?”

Mindfulness outside the box!

Mindfulness without borders!

Mindfulness that transforms the argument you are having with your significant other.

Mindfulness that transforms the struggle you’re having with the important proposal you are working on.

Mindfulness that gets you a better outcome for the scheduling problem that has just cropped up?

Can’t we come up with a mindfulness form that helps you with these ordinary, but important, challenges?

Can’t I come up with one?

Spoiler Alert: I did.

Mindfulness Pathfinding makes sense for any person because:

1) It can be used anywhere, anytime, for anything important to you.  

2) It teaches your brain to automatically, unconsciously respond to any situatin by mindfully looking for your most fulfilling path forward.

But to really make Pathfinding more accessible, I am going to:

1) Provide a safe space to learn it in a supportive community for as long as you need or enjoy it.

2) Make the learning of Pathfinding really, really affordable ($8 a month).

3) Transform every person who learns Pathfinding into a peer coach to help others learn it.

That is the vision of the future.

Today, it begins with you, engaging what is important to you with Mindfulness Pathfinding, getting outcomes that benefit not just yourself, but others too.

Everything else will grow organically from here.

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