Don’t I look all noble and visionary in this photo! I was unveiling a historical site in my hometown of Mamaroneck, NY.

I chose it because it reflects how passionate I am about my vision for Mindfulness Pathfinding, what I call The Pathfinding Project.

You know there are millions of people who are anxious and stressed out, or who feel unhappy, unfulfilled, unsuccessful.

Mindfulness meditation is very effective in reducing stress when it teaches you to accept (not resist) what comes up.

And it’s pretty good for happiness when it teaches you to interrupt negative thinking.

But it doesn’t really help with fulfillment or success.

Many love it, but many, many others find it difficult to do: frustrating or boring, and not worth the time when you already have too much to do during your day.

Well it was originally intended as a spiritual discipline for monks in a monastery so all of that didn’t matter too much. Taking the religious references out of it for the secular use of de-stressing didn’t exactly make it any more fun to do!

All of which led me to think,

“Can’t we come up with an easier, more engaging way of using mindfulness that anyone can use to deal with the challenges we meet in our daily lives?”

I mean, reducing stress is really important, but not really something to motivate you to spend any amount of time watching your breath come in and out!

But how about transforming the argument you are having with your significant other into a better experience?

What about transforming the struggle you’re having with the important proposal you are working on, and getting a better outcome?

What about getting a better outcome for the scheduling problem that has just cropped up?

Can’t we come up with a mindfulness form that helps you with these ordinary, but important, challenges?

Can’t I come up with one? Spoiler Alert: I did.

And having done that part, the real mission is how to teach millions of people to use Mindfulness Pathfinding to have better experiences, better outcomes in their everyday lives.

That requires making the process as easy as possible, as engaging as possible, as effective as possible, and as inexpensive as possible (hence the low $8 a month fee).

And it also requires a space where they can come at anytime to post what’s going on with them and get support and coaching on how to best use Mindfulness Pathfinding to get a better experience and better outcome.

I thinking basically a subscription-based Facebook-type platform where everybody is your friend and mindfulness coach.

When you post about your project you would get coaching from every other Pathfinder seeing your post.

Sometimes, that will be all you need.

Sometimes, you may want more, so you could ask for a personal coaching session which would be done in a video breakout room, one-on-one.

Everyone receives coaching, everyone gives coaching. That is how you learn best.

There would also be live sessions that I lead.

There would be text based tutorials on aspects Pathfinders have shown a need or interest in.

There would be an AI Coach avatar to answer your questions without you even needing to post.

But that is the future vision. Right now, today, you are the pioneer helping me create this service even as you learn to get a better experience, better outcome for those projects in your life that are important to you!

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