If you’re anything like me and millions of others you have situations, challenges, and goals in your life that mindfulness meditation doesn’t help you with.

It does relieve stress and that’s indirectly helpful, but it doesn’t help us directly deal with what is important to us right now, today.

So I developed a new iteration: purpose-centered mindfulness pathfinding. We can use this to get our most fulfilling outcome for any situation, challenge, or goal.

I’ve written down how to do it as clearly as I can, and you can get those instructions for free.

But I know that you are different from me, and your situation is different from mine.

One size does not fit everybody...but I want PCM Pathfinding to be useful to everybody. That is my passion!

How can I make this simple, powerful process flexible enough to work for anybody?

My solution is to create a place where you can go and talk to other users about how to customize PCM Pathfinding to work for your personality and any unique situation you have.

There are optional components you can add now, and there are optional components waiting to be developed by you and other users.

This place (I call it The Haven) is a combination mastermind group and peer coaching community.  

I’m beginning simply, with a private Facebook group page available to members.

But the vision of the future is that you will be able to instantly connect with the guidance of the mastermind to brainstorm your situation and how to apply PCM Pathfinding to it anywhere you are, and at anytime.

That’s going to involve using current and evolving technologies, data mining from member experiences, and a whole lot of ingenuity.

So how can I financially grow and sustain such a venture?

It works like this:

We make the Basic Instructions available to anyone for no charge.

That’s paying it forward and I hope to do a whole lot more of paying it forward in the future.

And for some folk, that will be all they need to get going.

For others, perhaps like yourself, there will be a need for peer coaching, for mastermind brainstorming, for community support and socializing.

There will be corporations and organizations that want to provide PCM Pathfinding as a benefit for their people and need ongoing support

There will be professionals, life coaches and such, that want to learn more about using PCM Pathfinding in their practice and need the brainstorming.

So these folk will provide the financial support that will grow and sustain the research, development, and platform.  

The fee for getting peer coaching and mastermind brainstorming at The Haven is $8.

Yup. Just $8.

And that’s not just for, say, one session or visit.

That’s $8 to come to the Haven as often as you like, for as long as you like all month!

True, you’ll be like a pioneer right now at first. It’s sparsely populated and a little rough at the edges.

But then I guess that means you get more personal attention from me! (Is that a good thing?)

If you like what you are getting at The Haven, plunk down another $8 and continue working on using PCM Pathfinding to level up your life!

If LIFE intervenes and takes you off your path...

Pause for a while.

How can that small fee provide the financial resources needed to grow and sustain this service?

Well, just like real life, it’ll be bumpy at first. But the more people who join, the more funds will become available to provide the training and technology to improve and sustain the peer coaching and mastermind brainstorming.

I am pitching you on collaborating with me on my Vision of the Future but promising value right now

This Mastermind Group will be composed of only those people who are all about learning to level up in their daily life by using PCM Pathfinding.

So no virtue signaling, no shaming, just happy, supportive people; everybody helping everybody.

As this start up venture scales up we’ll have the funding to expand the ways in which it can support you anywhere, anytime, and all from your smart phone.

But this venture is not about a top down organization.

It will grow, organically, from your needs, and your ideas, because you are always the focus and the purpose behind this venture.

You will be my closest collaborators in this project.

It may begin, in this moment, with just you and me, but it will grow into a movement.


Grab your ebook instructions, read the small print, and then hit the Subscribe button below!


Hitting the Subscribe button just takes you to Paypal. (You do not have to have a Paypal account).

You choose how to pay (credit, debit,etc.). Paypal charges you $8.

Paypal tells me that you paid and I invite you to join me at THE HAVEN (usually within 24 hours, but if there are any glitches, this is my email: petermfellows@gmail.com).

THE HAVEN is a private group FACEBOOK page.

You have to belong to FACEBOOK to access it.

If you are not on FACEBOOK just join.

You don’t need to post your photo or tell everyone about your life.

You just need to have a bare bones page so you can visit THE HAVEN and be part of the Mastermind Group.

You like the adventure you’re on? Cool. Paypal is set up to charge you $8 once a month automatically. It makes life way easier for me.

But you can stop anytime. No hidden exit doors.

Hit the Unsubscribe button (right here, right next to the Subscribe button) and the adventure pauses until you are ready to continue.

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