If you’re anything like me and millions of others, you get that mindfulness is good for you, but you find that “mainstream” mindfulness just doesn’t work for you.

I think that’s because it doesn’t really speak to what is important to us right now, today.

So I developed a new iteration - Bsync Purpose-Centered Mindfulness - that we can use to get our most fulfilling outcome for any situation, challenge, or goal.

But I know that no matter how effective Purpose-Centered Mindfulness is, learning to use it in real time, in the real world, can be challenging.

It is for me at times, and I invented it!

So I want to launch a new venture:

The mission is to make Purpose-Centered Mindfulness as user-friendly as possible for the millions for whom mainstream mindfulness just doesn’t work.

Ultimately, the vision of the future is that you will be able to pick up your smart phone, anywhere, anytime, and find yourself instantly in touch with someone who can help you use Bsync PCM for whatever is important to you at that moment.

But the first step in funding that vision is providing an inexpensive, personal coaching service.

It works like this:

I am doing my best to explain how to use PCM with the Basic Instructions in my ebook GET YOUR BEST OUTCOME (which you can get by asking for it on the previous page THE PROCESS).

There’s no charge for that.

But for people who want interactive coaching, want to share experiences, make suggestions, get personalized advice, help others with this approach...

The charge is $8.

Yup. Just $8.

And that’s not just for, say, one question or issue.

For that $8 you get a full month of coaching!

I set up a private group page I call THE GATHERING on Facebook where you can post anytime and get a response usually the same day.

Like what you are getting? Continue for $8 a month.

Got what you needed? Stop.

How can that small fee provide the financial resources needed to grow and sustain a service for making mindfulness accessible to millions?

Because the more people we serve, the more income we have to be financially viable.

Because we will utilize technology in innovative ways.

Because each person who joins will act, formally or informally, as a “peer coach” for others.

Leaders will emerge organically and from that we will build the necessary infrastructure.

This personal coaching service will morph into an online community, “The Gathering,” where everyone you meet is all about learning to level up in their daily life by using Bsync Purpose-Centered Mindfulness.

No virtue signaling, no shaming, just happy, supportive people; everybody helping everybody.

As this start up venture scales up we’ll have the funding to expand the ways in which it can support you anywhere, anytime, and all from your smart phone.

But this vehicle will not be mine alone.

It will grow, organically, from your needs, and your ideas, because you are always the focus and the purpose behind this venture.

You will be my closest collaborators in this project.

But it begins, in this moment, with just you and me.

If you want the coaching, I’ll be there for you online.

But don’t use the Subscribe button yet!

First get my ebook: GET YOUR BEST OUTCOME at THE PROCESS and road test Purpose-Centered Mindfulness with your goal in mind.

Then hit the Subscribe button below, to join in THE GATHERING on Facebook.


Hitting the Subscribe button just takes you to Paypal. (You do not have to have a Paypal account).

You choose how to pay. Paypal charges you $8.

Paypal tells me that you paid and I invite you to join in THE GATHERING (usually within 24 hours, but if there are any glitches, this is my email: petermfellows@gmail.com).

THE GATHERING is a private group FACEBOOK page.

You have to belong to FACEBOOK to access it.

If you are not on FACEBOOK just join.

You don’t need to post your photo or tell everyone about your life.

You just need to have a bare bones page so you can be a part of THE GATHERING.

You like the adventure you’re on? Cool. Paypal is set up to charge you $8 once a month automatically. It makes life way easier for me.

But you can stop anytime. No hidden exit doors.

Hit the Unsubscribe button (right here, right next to the Subscribe button) and the adventure pauses until you are ready to continue.

The first step on your journey costs you nothing. Get your ebook at THE PROCESS, then come back here to join in the adventure!

Because, yes, once you join your life will become an adventure!

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