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A significantly different approach developed for you, the goal-oriented, socially conscious achiever.

It is designed to help you access your Unconscious Thought Advantage (UTA) for Problem Solving,

Decision Making, and Innovating, and to do this from a broader, socially conscious perspective that increases your level of fulfillment in both your professional and personal life.

B-Sync Mindfulness Training

Full Day Interactive Group Training

$3280 (group fee)

(Plus travel expenses outside the Greater NYC Area)

5 (min.) - 10 (max.) participants

Concierge B-Sync Mindfulness Consulting

Hourly On-site

Mindfulness Consulting & Training

$328 per hour

(By phone outside the Greater NYC Area)


Why is B-Sync Mindfulness More Effective For Decision Makers?

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At an unconscious level, you have a tremendous bank of experience and knowledge that you have forgotten consciously. (See Lara Pierce, McGill University 2014)

Unconsciously you continually process far more about what’s going on than you’re consciously aware of, thus adding to your experiential data bank. (See Timothy D. Wilson, University of Virginia 2007)

Even while your conscious mind is handling other concerns, your deeper Self is working on your best path forward for any “project” you have. (See David Creswell, Carnegie Mellon University 2013)

The resultant decisions, informed by your Unconscious Thought Advantage, are simply better decisions. (See David Creswell, CMU 2013)

Doesn’t it make sense to practice a form of mindfulness that makes your own Unconscious Thought Advantage more accessible to you?

That’s what B-Sync Mindfulness practice is for.


How is B-Sync Mindfulness Practice More Effective For Me?


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B-Sync Mindfulness practice is not about learning to perfect a meditation technique.

It is about increasing your awareness of the flow of Unconscious Thought Advantage from your deeper Self, so you can make better informed decisions.

B-Sync Mindfulness practice employs a simple, elegant, yet powerful strategy that you use throughout your day, anywhere, anytime.  

The B-Sync STOP strategy helps you sync your conscious mind with your deeper Self: before a presentation, after an argument, whenever you face a new challenge, or begin a new project.

The result is that you are more in sync with the people you interact with, and what’s going on around you.



How is B-Sync Mindfulness Training More Effective?

For maximum effectiveness I recommend you secure a training venue outside of your usual workplace to conduct B-Sync Mindfulness Trainings.

This helps reduce distractions, workplace mindsets, and leaves you freer to focus your attention on your training experience.

What I am doing is instilling in you a new approach, or response, to any situation that you encounter.

You already know that what counts most in leadership and success is character.

Work skills are necessary for success, but not sufficient. They are needed, but will always be secondary to the qualities of character.

B-Sync Mindfulness practice allows you to bring more of your character and strengths to play in your life.

It doesn’t create, or develop, a “Better You;” it removes implicit biases and mindset so you can  use and express the “Better You” that you already are.

B-Sync Mindfulness Training is custom designed as an experiential learning process for you.

I don’t waste your time lecturing you with a doctoral dissertation on the neuroscience behind mindfulness practice just to impress you.

While those scientific findings are the foundation for B-Sync Mindfulness, the metrics that matter to you are measured by the real world outcomes you achieve.

B-Sync Mindfulness is outcome focused and values based strategy for using more of your own natural resources for decision making, problem solving, and innovative thinking.

Does it make sense to use anything less?


Better Decisions, Better World