What is the best way to coach the brain to remember to focus mindfully?

It’s tricky because we’ve come to identify with our thoughts.

Instead of just seeing them as products of our brain, we see them as inseparable parts of ourself.

But the research shows that up to ten seconds before you make a decision, that decision was already chosen by your brain. (see Haynes 2008)

Learning to self-distance from your thoughts; to see them as separate from yourself, is essential to this work. (see Kross 2005)

You are unlearning an automatic reaction, a habit, that you’ve practiced for years, so you need to be patient, encouraging, (see Schroder 2014) and self-compassionate.

Unfortunately, the brain is not designed for self care.

We find it easier to be compassionate towards others than towards ourselves. (see Neff 2015)

So in coaching your brain, it is useful to think of it as a separate person.

You give him or her a name, which works better for our purposes than using the label “brain.” (see Lupyan 2011)

You imagine your brain, your Personal Assistant, as a character. This becomes the avatar representing your brain.

It’s a form of ‘third person self talk.’

Research shows that this is the most effective way to help your brain remember to focus mindfully. (see Kross 2014)

When you come to the online platform you’ll find a ten minute guided mindfulness practice for you and your brain avatar.

Even ten minutes a day increases the efficiency of your brain. (see Schone 2018)

There’ll be a short ebook to get you up and started.

There are essentially three steps in coaching your brain.

(1) You talk to your brain about the core value (your value) that you want fulfillment for, behind the One Thing: (situation, challenge, or goal) that you have chosen to have him or her focus mindfully on. (see Cascio 2015)

(2) You coach your brain to notice what comes up when he or she focuses on your purpose, and you choose whether to focus on that, or return (without resistance) to your One Thing.

(3) You congratulate and thank your brain during the day every time you notice that things are ‘flowing’ for you, and you are experiencing fulfillment.

As you are using this process in your daily life you will be coming to the online platform. There you help and interact with others who are doing the same thing.

Because, the reality is, this type of change takes time, and that’s why the Bsync Nation Online coaching is designed to be so affordable.

There you will find an incredible level of support from your community. (see Heatherton 1994)

You’ll help others by giving them your advice which will motivate you even more. (see Eskreis 2018)

And through this unique approach to mindfulness practice and coaching you will help make mindfulness accessible for the millions.

The only thing between you and having your best (most value-fulfilling) outcome for any situation, challenge, or goal, is your brain.

At a deeper level beneath your conscious awareness, you have all the resources you need. (see Gallivan 2017)

But your brain is at the controls. (see Shadlen 2017)

Your brain is your ‘Personal Assistant.’

Unfortunately, it’s often misguided and overprotective of you.

Too often your brain automatically makes decisions for you based upon some outdated or fear-based worldview acquired over the course of your life. (see Petro 2018)

Your non-conscious mind, your deeper self, is your ‘GPS,’ giving you your best path.

Your brain, without reflection, often defaults to the fearful stories it has learnt, and which it retells. (See Ehinger 2017)

This short circuits the biologically hardwired neural chain pathways that serve to pass on a stream of reality-based, better-informed guidance for your brain to think and act on.

The moment your brain focuses mindfully, the interference is interrupted, and the guidance flows again. (see Leung 2017)

This guidance is meant to put you in sync with what’s going on with the World so that you experience Flow and Fulfillment.

The more often your brain focuses mindfully, the stronger that Flow is; the more value-fulfilling your outcomes for any situation, challenge, or goal.

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You don’t have to practice mindfulness.

You’re okay.

It’s your brain that is confused and hurting.

Now you can help.

Coaching Your Brain

You have all the inner resources you need at a deeper level of yourself to get fulfillment for any situation, challenge, or goal.

All you have to do is to help your brain remember to focus mindfully on whatever you choose.

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