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All the benefits of mindfulness without the practice

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Does that sound a bit naive to you?

I get that.

Yes, I am an idealist, but I am a pragmatic idealist.

Here’s how mindfulness can change the world...

1) Huge corporations already have a major impact on the world, right?

Well, they are beginning to invest in mindfulness because research shows that mindful employees increase productivity. Mindfulness is good for their bottomline!

But what if their people weren’t just being taught generic mindfulness practices?

What if they were learning values-based mindfulness like B-Sync Mindfulness?

Think how that would influence the decisions and actions taken by the whole corporation, and how that would impact the world for the better!

2) Right now, the world is suffering from an epidemic of stress-related afflictions.

Stress affects both our physical and mental health.

Mindfulness has been proven to turn down stress and thereby turn up both physical and mental health.

Fantastic, right?

Except that, for millions of people who could use mindfulness to improve the quality of their physical and mental health, practicing mindfulness is about as attractive as eating plain, unflavored yogurt.

(Sorry if you happen to like plain yogurt, but I’m sure you get what I mean.)

We’re already incredibly short on time to do what we need to do. Who wants to ‘waste’ time each day doing a practice that is (let’s be honest) rather boring, for the unexciting benefit of stress reduction?

So The B-Sync Mindfulness Process takes a completely different approach.

What’s important to you? What core values really matter to you?

Because, you’ll only be truly happy and fulfilled in life, if you can live a life in which those values are fulfilled and expressed.

So what does ‘living the life you really want’ look like to you?

That’s what you are going to use B-Sync Mindfulness for.

And I know practicing mindfulness is a pain, so with B-Sync Mindfulness, you don’t have to practice it to achieve your ‘best of all possible lives’.

Instead, you are going to coach your brain to practice mindfulness, and in doing that, your brain is going to give you the inner resources you need to live the life you really want.

And I am teaching people the basics of B-Sync Mindfulness for no charge!

That is how we make mindfulness more accessible to the very people who need it most, and in so doing, change the world.

Cool, right?


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- peter

How Can Mindfulness Change The World?