Mindfulness is the simplest, most powerful

life-change agent that there is...

when used purposefully.

Hey, I’m Peter M Fellows and I am a Mindfulness Intervention Coach, author, and the developer of Bsync Purpose-centered Mindfulness.

I believe that we are at an inflection point in the world.

Right now, at this point in time, we can make a tranformational change in the world.

We can do this by helping massive numbers of people to live more fulfilling lives through purpose-centered mindfulness.

The mindfulness field is exploding, and so are the number of people flooding in to teach mindfulness.

All that activity is great, but what has been largely overlooked is that it has created a secondary,  underserved community.

That community is composed of literally millions of people who’ve now heard about mindfulness but choose not to use it.


Mostly because of how mindfulness has been portrayed by the mainstream.

They don’t feel that the pain of sitting crosslegged, thinking of nothing but their breath, is worth the gain of having less stress.

So they are missing out on the simplest, most powerful life-change agent that there is...

Purpose-centered Mindfulness

They are missing out because we have failed to communicate that mindfulness has little to do with some painful practice, and offers far more than just stress reduction.

You will always get your best outcome

for anything that is important to you

when you focus mindfully

on it


No matter how bad a situation seems,

when you focus mindfully on it,

that situation will always get better

Want to see an improvement on something in your personal life, your financial life, your work life?

Want to see an improvement in your health, your sport, your research?

Want to see an improvement with a social challenge, a business challenge, a technical challenge?

Focus mindfully on it

Doing that interrupts the automatic negative self-talk of the brain and opens older channels to release the thoughts, feelings, and actions that will give you your best outcomes.

That’s the empowering effect of focusing mindfully on any situation, challenge, or goal.

And millions are missing out on the benefits of this because they think the only way to use mindfulness is to practice it during mediation.

The real power of mindfulness

is not found in practice

but in application

So each day we work on refining Bsync Purpose-centered Mindfulness; both the form and the coaching.

Each day we ask ourselves, “What more can we do to make purpose-centered mindfulness more accessible for the millions?”

Right now the Bsync form of mindfulness is:



You choose as the One Thing to focus mindfully on; the situation, challenge, or goal that is most important to you right now (rather than your breathing).

You talk to your brain about why a successful outcome is important to you; the values behind it.



You don’t practice focusing mindfully; your brain does. Your role is to act as your brain’s mindfulness coach.

You coach your brain to focus mindfully on the One Thing that you chose.



You watch to see how things get arranged to flow for you, and to provide you with Value-Fulfillment for your One Thing.


And Bsync coaching is:


You know from personal experience that adopting a new behavior takes time, but private coaching is expensive.

Bsync Nation Online mindfulness coaching service will be personal and yet available for only $8 a month.



Because this is an online service, wherever you are, whenever you feel like it, you just use your smart phone to connect to coaching.


Headspace meets Facebook

And we are striving to make this more than just a place where someone can learn to use Bsync Purpose-focused Mindfulness to deal with their real life situations, challenges, and goals.  

     This is to be a place where anyone,

professional coach or just a caring person,

can learn how to help underserved people

change their lives

by learning to focus mindfully

on what’s most important to them.

Our mission, our task, is to evolve the form, the coaching, and the messaging of mindfulness, so that using Purpose-centered Mindfulness becomes accessible for everyone.

Every person who signs on becomes a part of this mission; part of this dynamic team and commmunity.

Because while you are learning to use Bsync Purpose-centered Mindfulness to improve your life in real and meaningful ways, you are also learning to help others do the same.

The Bsync online platform is not just where you learn and hang out with other like-minded people; it’s also where you bring those you are helping.

You do this because the most effective way to learn is to help others learn in the supportive environment of like-minded people.

For our prototype we’re actually using Facebook.

Specifically, a private Facebook group.

There is a Paypal button to Subscribe and another, clearly marked, to Unsubscribe.

No small print.

No hidden exit doors.

Start anytime

Stop anytime.

But right now, Founding Members can get started for NO COST.

If a person wants to help develop this process; be a part of this initiative,

I will work with them for no charge.

All they have to do is message me on Facebook and I’ll add them as a member of the group, so we can begin.

(BTW: The subscribe/unsubscribe buttons here are functional already because I know that there are some folk who will want to financially support this project even in its developmental stages...and I thank you in advance for that show of support.)

It is my belief that this prototype can scale up to be transformational for people in all walks of life, all over the globe, and in so doing, quickly become financially viable.

If you see the potential in this startup project, and can see where you, as a Strategic Partner, could help make it a success let’s talk.

Text me at 914-275-8238 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Copyright 2020 by Peter M Fellows. All Rights Reserved.


“Making Mindfulness Accessible For The Millions”

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Making Mindfulness Accessible for the Millions

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