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Many years ago, when I was walking through the stacks in my high school library, I came across a strange red hard-covered book with gold embossed writing: “A Witch’s Handbook of Spells.”

I almost laughed out loud.

Who had decided that this this was a good educational selection for teenagers to read?

But as I read it I realized that this book was not the work of a modern mind. These spells came from a time when the World was a darker, more dangerous, and unpredictable place.

They represented an authentic attempt to call upon the forces of the unfathomable and use them for life-fulfilling, life-sustaining, purposes.

I was not interested in spells to grow crops, or find buried treasure, or even (being a teenager) to make someone fall in love with me.

But there was one spell that I could not resist trying and that was to call up a wise woman spirit to answer any and all questions I might have.

As a teenager, no less than now, I didn’t always know what to do when life went sideways. What I wanted was some sort of inner GPS that would give me my best path forward.

And while no spirit being appeared in my candle-lit room that evening, this drive to connect with a source of wisdom and inner guidance beyond my ordinary mind opened a far ranging path that has led me to this present moment.

I wrote about that journey in my 2012 memoir Benevolent Synchronicity and the Psychic Self

What I came to believe is that at a deeper level of mind (or self) we are connected to everyone, everything, and everywhere in the World.

At this level we monitor internal and external, existing and developing, so that we can find fulfillment for our needs, capabilities, passions, and values, in a way that not only avoids conflict, but actually benefits others.

I called this drive to tune into that flow, “Benevolent Synchronicity” (Bsync). I believe it is the irreducible ground requirement for life on this small planet because we constantly seek outcomes that both benefit ourselves and others, without conflict.

And I came believe that at this deeper level of self, we constantly stream the guidance and inner resources that we need to find flow in any moment no matter what happens.

The only thing that interferes with this process of guidance is the limited beliefs that our brain has acquired over the course of our life from our caregivers, influencers, and authority figures.

It was to find a solution to this problem that I began a deep dive into the recent explosion of studies on neuropsychology, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

I wrote up what I found out about the extraordinary documented powers of the non-conscious mind, in my book STOP!.

But the most empowering thing I discovered was how the targeted, purposeful application of mindfulness would allow a far freer flow of inner guidance and resources that would level up the quality of fulfillment in my daily life.

And since I am not very good at spending twenty (or even ten minutes a day) doing the psychocalisthenics of mainstream mindfulness meditation, I needed something I could do on the run, anytime, anywhere, without much effort.

That is the genesis of Pathfinding.

How can I connect with the flow so that I can turn down the stress and turn up the fulfillment in my relationships, my health, my finances, my work, and my passions?

I don’t want to have to take a six week course.

I don’t want to do a one-size-fits-all technique that bores me to tears or frustrates the heck out of me.

I don’t want to chain myself to the present moment.

I do want to help the Helpers, because I am convinced that doing so will let me do the most good for the most people.

So I created Mindful Pathfinding.

There’s a lot of things I love about Pathfinding. One is that you can customize it to suit you, because, after all, your life is different than mine.

Another thing I love is that Pathfinding doesn’t replace any self improvement mode you use or teach, like EFT, the Law of Attraction, Tai Chi. It enhances it.

If you really want to help people and yourself at the same time, come join me in The Pathfinder’s Conversation.

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