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Our daughter Sabrina was born in 1984, and Natalie followed in 1986, changing our priorities. In 1987, when Jeanne's parents asked us to come to America to manage the family business, we agreed.

Jeanne’s grandfather had begun a family business in Mamaroneck, NY, back in 1919. He sold his own unique brand of hot dogs from a pagoda shaped, roadside hot dog stand!

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Bsync: The New American Mindfulness.

This section is just some background information on the madman who developed this mindfulness approach.

I have always believed that our Purpose in life was to express our Self as fully as possible. All the talents and abilities and wonderful qualities that you have, when expressed, make your life richer, and in the process, enrich the lives of others.

As a teenager (and later, a young man) I thought that this included developing whatever latent psychological and parapsychological (psychic) abilities we had.

In “Benevolent Synchronicity and the Psychic Self: The Meaning and Purpose of Psychic Ability,” I chronicle my adventures (or misadventures!) in exploring the psychic side.

Managing the family business and raising our daughters kept us busy, but Jeanne and I thought it would be a good thing to put what we’d learnt about discovering your psychic ability into a book.

We wanted it to be a practical no-nonsense primer. There would be no claim that you would become some sort of superpsychic, because, quite frankly, I didn’t think that was possible.

My own experience, and all the research I’d seen, convinced me that while everyone had psychic ability, very few (like Jeanne) could consciously call on it in a reliable (if somewhat restricted) way.

What we could do was to provide a clear, simple exercise with which anyone could explore their capacity for precognition, remote viewing, telepathy, and more. So we did!

I believe that our nonconscious mind is always trying to guide our brain to move us towards opportunities for “Value Fulfillment” - the outcomes for any situation, challenge, or goal, that we would find most fulfilling.

That guidance is not always obvious to us at a conscious level.

In the spring of 1979, working out of an office in downtown Ottawa, my business partner, Ian, convinced me that we should attend a psychic fair in Toronto to sell our line of guided meditation cassette tapes.

He had composed original music for the meditations based upon some esoteric theory he called “Psychophonics.”

I wrote the scripts and did the voice over for the meditations.

It was at this fair that I met my future wife, Jeanne.

We married in 1981 and I moved to Toronto. There we both worked in the New Age field. I continued teaching dreamwork and meditation; Jeanne was a professional psychic. (As I discuss in my book, that led to some interesting situations!)

“Beyond Intuition” was supposed to be my opus magnum on psychic ability; the last word. I had come to terms with the idea that psi was more of an eccentricity than a learnable cognitive skill so I didn’t think I had anything else to say.

That all changed in the spring of 2001, when I got taken down by pneumonia.

There was no near-death experience. My condition wasn’t terminal. But I was sick. Alternating bouts of freezing and frying, aching everywhere in my body, every movement exhausting. You know. I’m sure you’ve been there.

I remember sitting in a recliner, swaddled in blankets, realizing that I absolutely had to go into work the next day or close down the business. There was no one to cover for me. So I decided upon a “Hail Mary” play.

While I never got anything dramatic from my past efforts at psychic healing, they did seem to help mitigate aches and pains and flu or cold symptoms.

My hope was that if I spent the rest of the day resting and focused upon self healing, I might regain just enough health to get the business open and running.

Instead, within moments, I was completely healed! I was filled with so much energy that I spent the next week rushing around like a madman, catching up on all that I thought needed to be done.

A week later I crashed! This time, despite numerous self healing sessions, various antibiotics, it took me months to fully recover.

That experience crystalized both the potential of the mind, and my utter inability to reliably harness and use that potential.

It was maddeningly frustrating, and it drove me to dedicate the next 10 years to trying to understand the purpose and meaning of psi. The result was my 2012 book, “Benevolent Synchronicity and the Psychic Self.”

What I concluded was that psi was not meant to be used on a conscious level. It was instead a non-conscious process that connected us to all other life forms  so that we could find non-exploitive, mutually beneficial opportunities for “Value Fulfillment.”

The question was: how do I turn down the negative thoughts that block my non-conscious mind’s inner guidance?

My answer was: mindfulness.

I wanted to teach everyone this, but I wanted to see first, if there was any scientific studies to suggest that (a) the non-conscious mind was a powerful resource, and (b) mindfulness could unblock that resource.

The result of my research was my book “If You Really Want to Get Going (With Your Life), You Have to STOP!" (or "STOP!" for short).

One such adventure in consciousness began on a late summer’s morning, in 1977, at 22 years of age.

I was lying in bed, having an ordinary dream when I suddenly realized, “I’m dreaming!”

I was in a dream world, yet awake. I was free to choose whatever I wanted to do in this incredible separate reality!

This was a time when what is now commonly known as “lucid dreaming,” was virtually unknown, so I had no one to turn to for guidance.

This extraordinary experience completely eclipsed anything I had previously experienced while studying psi phenomena.

I made it my mission to find a technique that would allow me to return to that state of consciousness over and over again. And, after many failures, I did come up with an effective and reliable method that I called “The Rehearsal Technique.”

But although I enjoyed my episodes of being awake in dreaming, I found that I could not use them to improve the quality of my day-to-day life. And that had been my primary reason for trying to develop my inner abilities.

I didn’t stop there. My research and field testing continued, and continues, as I learn more and more. I am constantly (perhaps obsessively!) searching through the latest emerging research on mindfulness, cognitive neuroscience, and positive psychology to make sure the Bsync Mindfulness Process is delivering on its promise.

Listen, you have all the internal resources you need to live your Best Possible Life. Your non-conscious mind, what I call your “Deeper Self” can arrange it so that the World, while working from its own agenda, works for you; without conflict and so others benefit too.

I just want to show you how, if you use mindfulness right, you can draw upon all the guidance and resources available to you to begin living your Best Possible Life now!

With my wife, Jeanne.

Always driven to go where there is no path and leave a trail.

At a Toronto Psychic Fair

The historic roadside stand in the fall

Christmas with Jeanne, my daughters Natalie, and Sabrina, and my son-in-law, Frank

First grandaughter, Ashley

In the Bahamas

Mamaroneck Historical Society Function

With Buddhist Monks at Suan Dok, Thailand

“Benevolent Synchronicity and the Psychic Self” (Jeanne and me 1980)

“Beyond Intuition" (Jeanne 1979)

"STOP!" (NYC skyline)

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