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The New American Mindfulness

“Maximizing fulfillment in everything you do.”

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My journey in the Human Potential field began over forty years ago.

Right from the beginning I was always a pragmatist rather than a mystic.

What is the nature of our inner resources and our connection to each other and beyond?

How can we use that right now, in the real world, to find more fulfillment in our relationships, our health, our finances, our work and our passions?

And right from the beginning I was determined to make sure what I learnt worked for me, before I offered it to others.

My research into the powers of mind never stopped, no matter what I was doing to earn a living.

I have (perhaps obsessively) studied, explored, deconstructed, tweaked, and taught, my variations of:

Meditation: Mindfulness meditation, Daimoku, Transcendental Meditation, Robert Benson’s Relaxation Response, Guided meditation

Body Scanning: Swami Rama, Progressive Relaxation

Reverie: Menninger Foundation’s Theta Reverie, my own DREM Reverie, Hypnagogia, Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing

Hypnosis: Theodore Barber, Erickson, Bandler & Grinder

Alpha Thinking: Silva Mind Control, Mind Dynamics, Mind Awareness, Creative Visualization

I’ve also studied and taught the use of a version of dynamic meditation for those who wanted to explore for themselves, their potential for Precognition, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Remote Healing, Out-of-Body Experiences, Past Life Recall, and more.

My wife Jeanne and I developed and taught a psychic self discovery workshop on this approach which we later wrote up in our book: BEYOND INTUITION.

Early on I did some pioneering work in lucid dreaming, and in 1988, was a chapter contributor (alongside Charles Tart, Patricia Garfield, Judy Malamud, Alan Worsley, Paul Tholey...) to the seminal text on the subject: CONSCIOUS MIND, SLEEPING BRAIN, eds. Stephen LaBerge, Jayne Gackenbach.

My personal explorations resulted in some extraordinary adventures in consciousness which I chronicled in my book: BENEVOLENT SYNCHRONICITY AND THE PSYCHIC SELF (The Meaning and Purpose of Psychic Ability).

But despite all this involvement in the Human Potential field, I am not any type of New Age guru.

In the course of my life, between, and simultanously while teaching in the Human Potential field, I also worked a variety of real world jobs.

I did retail sales for the Hudson Bay Company; managed a vegetarian restaurant, the Mango Tree.

Signed on to a mobile museum project, The Discovery Train, for a six-month cross-Canada tour.

Sold recreational home lots for Huron Trails; served as an Historical Interpreter for Black Creek Pioneer Village, began a mail delivery service, Mail, Please!, in Toronto.

Did on-site property management/community development at Crown Heights Housing Cooperative.

In 1987, Jeanne and I moved to the States with our two young daughters, to manage and work the family business that Jeanne’s grandfather founded in 1919: Walter’s Hotdogs.

And as I worked I continued to study and explore this field.

From the research on mindfulness, neuroplasticity, and postive psychology that I studied, I have come to believe in the following simple model:

At the deeper level of the non-conscious mind, we continuously monitor and assess existing and developing conditions.

We process all that data to provide our brain with the best path forward; a path that maximizes the potential for optimal fulfillment and Self-expression in everything we do.

And I believe that the research shows that, at that same deeper level, we understand that the most fulfilling outcome for ourselves, is always one that also benefits others.  

That is just how we are hardwired.

Compassion, cooperation, benevolence, all positively impact our biology.

But the brain (like the stereotypical male driver) believes it knows better than the better informed non-conscious mind (GPS).

It is encumbered by the limitations of a mindset acquired from family, teachers, and authority figures.  

You can help though.

You can teach your brain how to reconnect to the wisdom of your non-conscious mind so that it comes to believe in its own ability to find you fufillment in relationships, health, passions, work, and finances.

You can help it discover that it has the inner resources it needs to handle both the perils and promises that arise each day in your daily life.

Because no matter what challenge you face, when you use Mindfulness Pathfinding you are saying to your brain:

“I believe in you. You’ve got this!”

That excites me! That’s what we want to share with you when you join us at The Source.

With my wife, Jeanne.